Founder’s Inspiration and Motivation

There is no greater joy than having a strong bond with your child

Being my child’s advocate inspired me to empower others to develop their voice confidently

Founder’s Inspiration and Motivation

When I had my daughter, I questioned my roles and responsibilities as a parent. I realized that guiding my child with principles to solve problems with purpose is essential to shaping her identity. I wanted to imbue my child with critical thinking skills, along with principles of self-respect and integrity. Such principles involve speaking up assertively upon seeing, experiencing, or feeling as if something is wrong– even if it means questioning authority, albeit in a respectful manner.

When my daughter was at an elite private school, she and her friends were faced with a disturbing situation. Upon reporting the misconduct to school officials, the administrators did everything in their power to cover up, retaliate, and silence the victims. DARVO tactics–used to reverse victim and offender roles– employed by these school officials derailed victims’ trust, well-being, and safety.

In curiosity and disbelief, I sought to understand the administration’s perverted response. This journey of discovery has inspired Let’s Speak Up, where we’ve spearhead extensive research on how schools nationwide address bullying, sexual assault, harassment, hazing, racism, discrimination, among other types of misconduct. Research revealed a clear pattern:  Institutional liability and reputation were prioritized over fulfilling their fiduciary and legal duties in students’ best interest. This ubiquitous lack of accountability led me to understanding the “classified playbook” authorities use to uphold their image, even at the expense of betraying children and obfuscating justice.

It is no surprise to me that adolescents’ mental health has spiraled and proliferates into adulthood: Outcomes ranging from self-harm to harm-others are extremely telling.

Our research and work have been compiled into educational publications and workshops that guide parents and children toward being staunch and competent advocates for oneself and others. Our leadership training is extended to organizations so that they can infuse the best practices in their institutions, securing a safe environment for all stakeholders.

We are your voice; we help you develop your own voice.

Let’s work together to think critically, speak up assertively, and act responsibly. Our aim is to guide you towards cultivating your best self and a better society.

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