Transform adversity, uncertainty, or vulnerability into a growth opportunity
It all started with a mother-daughter community project to develop strong character in children by addressing bullying, exclusion, harassment, and other sticky situations in school and at home.  The SELF-Ex method was a six year project, culminated in developing a 5-step simple guide to transform any conflict into a growth opportunity responsibly to develop grit, confidence, and integrity.


SELF-Ex received a top global award for managing adversity responsibly and confidently

 “SELF-Ex: An Interactive Guide to Address Adversity Responsibly” received a top award in a global competition. “In response to the COVID-19 challenges facing students the USC Center EDGE, Andrew Nikou Foundation, and IDEO formed The Education (Re)Open challenge, aimed to develop the Education Solutions Exchange, a public repository of high-quality, accessible solutions to help schools navigate the obstacles they face returning this fall. The Education Solutions Exchange is an exciting outgrowth of what we learned early in the pandemic—that creative, relevant and relatively simple solutions can bring a quantifiable voice to those on the front lines of education, and can have impact in timely, effective and efficient ways,” says Alan Arkatov, director and founder of Center EDGE. 

We can help you narrate your story while offering tools and techniques on how to address it responsibly.

We have authored proprietary publications and books in developing better relationships through various situations.

We offer proprietary tools and resources to advocate, empower, and guide families through adverse situations.

View, select, and invite us to deliver activity driven workshops for you, your family, or community to thrive.

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Adversity, uncertainty, or vulnerability are inevitable. We know how to transform obstacles into a source of power, opportunity, and achieve one’s purpose.  

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