Here is how the complaint process works…
3-easy steps to file a complaint…
Step 1: File a Complaint

Complaints can be filed in 3-ways:

  1. Anonymous
    • The identity of the person reporting is not required
    • You cannot be informed if there are similar complaints
    • Your complaint helps identify repeat offenders
    • Your complaint helps us take action
  2. Confidential
    • Contact information is not required, you may use a pseudonym
    • Privately inform you of similar complaints about the offender
    • Help you resolve the situation if needed
  3. Share your story
    • Share the story with masked identity
    • Send your story to news outlets and social media
    • Inform you of similar complaints
    • Help you resolve the situation if needed
Why Speak Up?

Speaking up helps to:

  1. Stop the abuse and/or bullying
  2. Hold offenders and accomplices accountable
  3. Frees the victim from the agony, shame and pain 
  4. Raise awareness
Step 2: Be Notified

Our proprietary application helps in matching:

  1. Offenders name
  2. Organization names
  3. Administrators and any other parties involved in the complaint

Note that if your complaint is Anonymous, no notification will be sent.

Step 3: Get Help

We collaborate with you to resolve the complaint by:

  1. Providing support and resources
  2. Navigating the school system
  3. Planning for action
  4. Speaking on your behalf as appropriate

Note that if your report is Anonymous, no notification will be sent.