Local SDUHSD Schools Suffer Big Drop in Rankings


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Empower to Gain Buy-in

Is it due to change from strict 32 max students per class to 38.5 average?

The SDUHSD district along with their special interest group has compromised the quality of our students’ education.

Teachers and students are equally stressed, overloaded, and overworked.

Let’s stop this madness! Let’s hire more amazing teachers. Let’s reduce class sizes.

The District boasts that we are ranked #1 in San Diego county based on Niche. However,  U.S News and World Report, the leader in school ranking data, provides different results:

Source: SDUHSD School Rankings

Source: SDUHSD School Rankings

Here is another source to demonstrate the drop in ranking since class sizes increased and student proficiency has dropped significantly.


Sources: Torrey Pines School Accountability Report Card


Put students first by shifting the culture from special interest to student interest.