The ONE™ TOOL: To lead life with purpose

The ONE tool, extracted from the SELF-Ex Guide, helps you balance collective objectives with personal needs!

The Purpose

The ONE™ tool is extracted from The SELF-Ex™ Guide, an awardee of USC’s Educational Solutions Exchange in 2021. The SELF-Ex Method guides participants to address adverse situations responsibly and confidently, focused on purpose. 


Our proprietary tool defines purpose through 3 elements abbreviated into ONE:  Objectives, Needs and Expectations.  

This tool guides you to balance collective objectives with personal needs by setting your purpose. Everything we say and do has a purpose! Purpose motivates us to engage in diverse activities with expectations to achieve objectives and fulfil needs in a satisfactory manner.  


If you’re interested in learning more about this tool, we cover it in our “Lead Life with ONE’s Purpose” Workshop! The “Lead Life with ONE’s Purpose” Workshop equips participants with the skills to seek, shape, and stride with purpose. 

Master the ONE Tool to find balance among the constant demands of daily life!

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