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Silence Victims and Protect Offenders?

Offenders Get Free Pass?

Why don’t student feel safe to speak up about sexual abuse? It’s because sexual offenders are protected by the schools.
Erin Logan, a reporter for National Public Radio, states in her article that 10% of students say they have experienced sexual abuse at the hands of school employees. The district must reinforce the policies we have put in place to protect students from sexual offenders and create a safe environment where students can feel comfortable speaking up.
“The failure of U.S. schools to protect students from sexual abuse by school personnel is a story of school administrators and district cover-ups, lack of training, incomplete teacher background checks and little guidance from the U.S. Department of Education.” Kate Brown, Government Accountability Officer
Put students first by shifting the culture from secrecy to transparency, from silencing to protecting victims, from protecting offenders to defending victims.  

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