The Pervasive Drug Abuse by our Students


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  • Youth


  • Student Well Being
  • High School
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  • Title IX
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Empower to Gain Buy-in

As many as 80% of our SDUHSD students use drugs

According to the 2017 Healthy Kids Survey, “ … approximately 11.3% of the seniors at LCC reported using LSD, 74% alcohol, almost 60% marijuana, and over 60% vaping devices.  Reports from Torrey Pines were similar, but Sunset topped the list with 85% of the seniors having used marijuana and alcohol, 80% reported using vaping devices, 28% LSD, 22% cocaine/crack, and over 30% had used tranquilizers and cough medicines.”

The California Healthy Kids Survey is a large statewide survey that provides key statistics on students’ health and academic performance. It analyzes each school and provides data for the entire District. I was stunned by the numbers reported on our SDUHSD students. To think that as many as 80% of our students use drugs or alcohol is absolute insanity. The lack of communication and effective mental health support in our schools is not helping. Our students are suffering and feel like they have no choice but to resort to drugs. Our District’s leadership has failed to make our students’ health a priority.

Let’s put our students’ well-being first by shifting the District’s culture!