The SELF-Ex™ Guide: Learn to LEAP Responsibly

Participant Profile

  • Personal
  • Friendships
  • Relationships
  • Parenting

Workshop Duration

3-5 hrs.*

Group Size

12-25* participants

Workshop Materials

  • Research Report
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Activities Packet
  • Tools, Techniques, and Resources Packet
  • Evaluation Report

The Purpose


The “Learn to LEAP Responsibly” Workshop equips participants with tools to assess and select the best possible solution to resolve an adverse situation. The LEAP method offers a process to understand the potential risks and worst-case scenario of each solution before acting. 


The LEAP method guides participants to examine their own capabilities and resources to overcome obstacles, transforming them into a learning opportunity to boost confidence and resilience.  


Therefore, our proprietary tool lays out the 4 elements necessary to mitigate risk as you choose the best solution, abbreviated as LEAP: Learn, Evaluate, Assess, and Pledge.  


The LEAP™ tool is extracted from The SELF-Ex™ Guide, an awardee of USC’s Educational Solutions Exchange in 2021. The SELF-Ex Method guides participants to address adverse situations responsibly and confidently, focused on purpose.   


The Challenge

We may find ourselves at a crossroads in the face of adversity, unsure of what to do or what the right solution is. How can we move forward if we’re not prepared to take responsibility for the outcomes 

Participants Learn to

  • Select the best possible solution to resolve an adverse situation.  
  • Evaluate and mitigate potential risks, losses, and worst-case scenarios.   
  • Assess the resources and capabilities required for each solution. 
  • Develop an action plan to address adversity responsibly and safely.  

Master the skills to “LEAP™ Responsibly” to address adversity and uncertainty.  

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