Leadership, Personal Development, Professional

Protect Your Student Safety

Participant Profile

  • Youth Leadership
  • Students
  • Parents

Workshop Duration

3-5 hrs.*

Group Size

12-25* participants

Workshop Materials

  • Research Report
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Activities Packet
  • Tools, Techniques, and Resources Packet
  • Evaluation Report

The Purpose

About Our Workshop:

The phrase, “kids will be kids” remains timeless and unchanged. What has changed are the harsh repercussions that students face today. Innocent words, phrases, or photos posted online in school or unrelated to school activities may result in suspension, expulsion, arrest, or even classifying your child as a ‘terrorist threat’.

Ensure Your Child’s Safety is a one-of-a-kind workshop to protect your child and family from a lengthy, costly and emotionally draining process.

Learning Objectives

  1. Prohibitive “Innocent” words/phrases in school or online
  2. Be aware of student behaviors classified as ‘terrorist threat’
  3. Be aware of parent behaviors classified as ‘domestic terrorist’
  4. Learn how to address these ‘terrorist threats’ assertively
  5. Do’s or don’ts best practices

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