Participant Profile

  • Managers
  • Facilitators
  • Trainers
  • Sales agents
  • Engineers
  • Supervisors
  • Meeting organizers
  • Parents
  • Singles
  • Relationships
  • Youth

Workshop Duration

3-5 hrs.*

Group Size

12-25* participants

Workshop Materials

  • Research Report
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Activities Packet
  • Tools and Techniques Packet
  • Evaluation Report

The Purpose

The purpose of this workshop is to provide participants with seven simple elements to integrate to any conversation to achieve one’s objectives and needs. This workshop enables individuals to lead an engaging conversation to exchange information in a methodical way. IQNet’s proprietary process, the e-LEADERS™ Method, equips professionals with tools and techniques to create an engaging conversation to:

  • Build trust and infuse confidence
  • Solve complex problems creatively and constructively
  • Make high quality decisions confidently
  • Gain support to share responsibilities
  • Cultivate better relationships
  • Produce better results and outcomes
workshop training: Collaborating with challenging personalities workshop

The Problem

Several problems occur when individuals lack the skills to fully engage others in a stimulating conversation. Participants get bored easily and get disconnected. Consequently, we achieve sub-par outcomes since we:

  • Build wrong perceptions or assumptions
  • Evaluate and manage situations poorly
  • Make decisions based on limited input

Workshop Questions

Participants [Insert Text Here]. Do you know how to:

  • [Insert Text Here]

The Program Outline

Participants engage in a stimulating learning process to:

  • Explore the elements that hinder effective communications
  • Discover the universal elements to stimulate effective interactions
  • Gain insight of the effective process to engaging interactions
  • Acquire tools to engage anyone in a stimulating conversation

Be Your Own Master!

Think critically, communicate assertively, and act responsibly to:
  • [Insert Text Here]

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