The SELF-Ex™ Guide: Assert Your Boundaries to be in Control

Participant Profile

  • Personal
  • Friendships
  • Relationships
  • Parenting

Workshop Duration

3-5 hrs.*

Group Size

12-25* participants

Workshop Materials

  • Research Report
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Activities Packet
  • Tools, Techniques, and Resources Packet
  • Evaluation Report

The Purpose

The “Assert Your Boundaries to be in Control” Workshop equips participants with skills to evaluate behaviors and their impact to set up healthy boundaries and take control of their life.  


Our behaviors can either help or hinder us from achieving our purpose! By evaluating what we say and do, we can make assertive decisions to Accept, Reject, or Change them.  


Therefore, our proprietary tool guides participants to establish boundaries through 4 parts abbreviated as B-ARC: Behavior, Accept, Reject and Change. 


The B-ARC™ tool is extracted from The SELF-Ex™ Guide, an awardee of USC’s Educational Solutions Exchange in 2021. The SELF-Ex Method guides participants to address adverse situations responsibly and confidently, focused on purpose.   


The Challenge

Sometimes we are unaware of, or struggle to change the behaviors that produce undesirable outcomes. This workshop helps participants evaluate behaviors to understand the impact they have on themselves and others.  First identifying the beliefs, values, (in)actions, language, and emotions that negatively affect them, participants are equipped with transformational tools to establish boundaries and gain control!  


Unhealthy behaviors and discontentment emerge in response to unfulfilled objectives, unsatisfied needs, or unmet expectations. Without setting boundaries, we lack a crucial balance in our life that harms our relationships and own wellbeing.    

Participants Learn to

  • Assert and identify behaviors/beliefs that impact one’s well-being. 
  • Accept differences and similarities respectfully (diversity and inclusion). 
  • Transform vulnerabilities into opportunities to be more resilient and confident.  
  • Establish healthy boundaries assertively to balance your needs with collective objectives.   

Master the skills to “Assert Your Boundaries to be in Control and gain the clarity and confidence to make assertive decisions! 

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