School Officials and District Culture: Protecting Offenders and Traumatizing Victims!


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“The failure of U.S. schools to protect students from sexual abuse by school personnel is a story of school administrators and district cover-ups, lack of training, incomplete teacher background checks and little guidance from the U.S. Department of Education.”

 Government Accountability Officer

 “I think it’s atrocious that these people that are allowing this to happen have no consequences,” 

Heiskala said, referring to school administrators.

School administrators, personnel, and officials have “normalized” child abuse by employing deplorable “underground practices.” Despite extensive state and federal laws protecting children and mandate them to report the incidents, they opt to institute their own “hush” practices. They protect offenders and traumatize victims.

You may think that something is wrong with this statement. No, nothing is wrong. Something is inherently wrong with the culture of our school officials and their deplorable leadership.

Their behavior and practices are clearly demonstrated by their Incompetency, Immoral, and Indifferent to students’ well being and their needs. I call it the 3-I leadership, which is in essence lacks any integrity!

They are driven by protecting their reputation, donations, and their relationship to the offender instead of stepping in instantly to ensure the safety of the victim and restoring their confidence and trust in the system.

But these incompetent leaders are indifferent to our students’ needs, they launch a series of tactics to silence the victims and retaliate against them to cover up the scandal.


When a student’s reports an incident with the intent to get help and guidance to stop the abusive behavior, school administrators immediately think how to cover up the scandal so we do not want to have any liability.

Instead of their response should be how do we manage the issue in order to STOP the abuse and assault , and restore victims trust to emerge confident and stronger.

Often it is not the violation or the assault that traumatize the children/students, it is more often exacerbates by school officials and district action to cover up the scandal.  Let me share some of recent cases that has made national news

You may think that these are only private schools who are trying to protect their reputations and donations.  But, no, no, no!   These incidents are occurring in public schools and our local  communicates. Here are a few more;

There are thousands of incidents and more that can fill out pages with bullying, abuse, assault, and harassment that demonstrate clearly cover up by school personnel and administrators. There are thousands of them that are not even reported from fear of retaliation and retribution.

When students get harassed, bullied, or assaulted at school and complaint is filed with the school administration or personnel, despite clear written guidelines and policies coupled with state and federal laws, school administrators fail to follow them.

Instead they opt to employ their own unwritten discretionary “hush” tactics to shield the offender.  It is the beginning of a chain of agonizing encounters where the school administrations do everything in their authority to silence the victims and fend off their parents.

Do not wait for the district to do the right thing….

Christy Heiskala’s daughter was abused by her Carlsbad elementary school teacher, a crime for which he eventually received prison time. Angered by the barriers to justice she encountered from the school district and law enforcement, Heiskala now trains families and schools how to spot predatory behavior.

  1. File a UPC complaint
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  3. Report to authorities
  4.  Call us! we will help you navigate the system

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