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Recall Process, Resources, and Budget

Following publication of Recall to Resignation, many community members requested additional information on the recall process as it relates to their school board members. We have learned that [...]

Recall to Resignation

What can you do to make your recall successful? I would like to share with you the strong arguments we used to push for her resignation. A resignation is greatly preferred as you do not have to [...]

Untying the Ropes of Silence

Speaking up: an action that empowers, liberates, and instills confidence in us. Yet, strings interwoven with fear and anxiety chain us into our safe zone-- silence. These strings bind us, leaving [...]

Freedom of Speech is Violated

During my attendance of SDUHSD Board Meeting with new leadership of Dr. Haley, I was shocked …The Board Walked Out… Four of the five current board members in attendance attempted to silence her [...]

When will it be true

I am outraged at the lack of REAL commitment to reduce these horrifying statistics and heartbreaking outcomes. I would like to share with you a social media post from a district student I read [...]

Our Commitment to Students

We have great schools, fabulous teachers, and resourceful parents. But our district has made students vulnerable. The San Dieguito Union High School District is a highly regarded school [...]

When Can We Expect Positive Changes?

Something that is crystal clear to me is that conflict arises from problems that are ignored, dismissed, and mismanaged. The solution, no matter the challenge is to face problems head-on and [...]

Get a Free Pass for Sexual Harassment

SDUHSD’s Lenient Policies Towards Teachers Who Sexually Harass Students Despite 14 student complaints filed against District teacher, Donn Boyd, for “unwanted touching and other behavior,” [...]

Mandated Reporters!

School officials and personnel fail to protect children despite extensive federal and state laws guiding them to report incidents of discrimination, assault, bullying and abuse. By law, they are [...]

Risks and Rewards in Speaking Up

"I lost my church. I lost my closest friends as a result of advocating for survivors who had been victimized by similar institutional failures in my own community. I lost every shred of privacy. [...]