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The e-LEADERS™ Method to Infuse Trust and Confidence

Participant Profile

  • Leadership
  • Personal
  • Professional

Workshop Duration

3-5 hrs.*

Group Size

12-25* participants

Workshop Materials

  • Research Report
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Activities Packet
  • Tools, Techniques, and Resources Packet
  • Evaluation Report

The Purpose

In the absence of trust and confidence, there is little good that follows.


The purpose of the e-LEADERS™ Method to Infuse Trust and Confidence workshop is to equip participants with eight practical skills to create a safe environment for open and honest communications. Interactions do not occur within a vacuum; they are driven by common objectives and individual needs within the context of the environment. Every interaction has a purpose. Purpose motivates us to engage or disengage based on our expectations to satisfy personal needs and achieve desired outcomes. The e-LEADERS™ Method to Infuse Trust and Confidence workshop helps participants develop essential communication skills to make value-based decisions and achieve desired outcomes in any situation.

The e-LEADERS™ Method to Infuse Trust and Confidence

The Problem

In the absence of honest and open communications, there is a spiral of chaos that follows: blunders, bitterness, betrayals, blurred boundaries, bleak views, and ultimately breach of trust.


We are burdened with the expectation to be able to accept and love yourself, but everyone may struggle with that at times. In these times of uncertainty, we seek the approval of others, hoping for validation even if we find it through insincerity. Shame and fear of being exposed manifests itself in negative feelings and toxic behaviors, all of which are indicative of a break down in the integrity of our identity and self-esteem.


Such behaviors and emotions can be transformed by developing a strong, unwavering sense of identity. To lead with confidence, you first need to be able to trust yourself.

The Program Outline

Participants acquire a variety of skills on how to listen, ask the right questions, and respond assertively within the context of the activity or environment.  With the e-LEADERS™ Method participants are guaranteed to improve relationships and experiences with friends, family members, colleagues, or even strangers.

The workshop engages participants in:

  • Introduction to the e-LEADERS™ Method
  • Discover the elements that breach or build trust
  • Self-evaluation of your skills
  • Peer-evaluation of your communications skills
  • Practice your skills
  • Develop a personalized action plan
  • Conclude with the e-LEADERS™ credo

Participant Learning Objectives

The e-LEADERS™ Method is derived from universal principles that can be applied safely in any culture or setting to enrich interactions. It all starts and ends with asserting purpose, to make value-based decisions based on understanding whether there is an alignment in objectives and needs! The 8-skills to assert and communicate collaboratively:

Participants gain core skills of:

  • e: Establish purpose mindfully
  • L: Listen attentively
  • E: Embrace differences and similarities kindly
  • A: Ask questions intently
  • D: Deliver your message respectfully
  • E: Explain yourself sincerely
  • R: Request and receive feedback graciously
  • S: Share your understanding clearly

The Benefit

Benefits of the e-LEADERS™ Method to Infuse Trust and Confidence:

  • Feel liberated, motivated, and happier
  • Boost your self-esteem and perceived self-worth
  • Achieve better outcomes
  • Build better bonds and relationships
  • Improve your mental health
  • Gain confidence to speak up
  • Strengthen your tenacity

Master the e-LEADERS™ elements to gain trust and communicate confidently!

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