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The SELF-Ex™ Method: Address Discomfort or Misconduct Responsibly

Participant Profile

  • School
  • Work
  • Personal
  • Social

Workshop Duration

3-5 hrs.*

Group Size

12-25* participants

Workshop Materials

  • Research Report
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Activities Packet
  • Tools, Techniques, and Resources Packet
  • Evaluation Report

The Purpose

The purpose of the SELF-Ex™ Method to Address Discomfort or Misconduct Responsibly workshop is to equip participants with 16-tools and techniques to address inappropriate behaviors from the onset to prevent a cycle of abuse. The responsibility of addressing discomfort or misconduct rests upon the individual who feels offended, victimized, or hurt. Asserting the situation and responding to it in a progressive manner is the key to prevent abusive behavior. Our tools range from cautious to more assertive methods to ensure that the offensive behavior stops and allows the offender an opportunity to correct the situation.

The SELF-Ex™ Method to Address Discomfort or Misconduct Responsibly

The Problem

Discomfort is inevitable. Misconduct is prevalent but preventable. The power to fight back lies within your ability to speak up assertively – depending on the severity of the situation, risk tolerance, access to resources, and personality traits. All these must be assessed within the context of the environment and power interdependency.


The biggest problem occurs when victims remain silent. Silence turns into resentment, shame, and fear. Silence also sends a false signal to the offender, which may be misinterpreted as acceptance and emboldens them to intensify their mistake. Silence enables offender to perpetrate a cycle of abusive behaviors.  How can you break free from the cycle of abusive behaviors? You have the power. A strategic and prudent approach to address discomfort can prevent misconduct.


Learn to transform your discomfort into a source of courage by carefully crafting a personalized strategy to stop the inappropriate behavior from the onset.

The Program Outline

This workshop enables participants to develop a personalized action plan and equips them with practical tools and techniques relevant to their situation.

The workshop engages participants in:

  • Introduction – the importance of addressing discomfort
  • The impact of failing to address discomfort
  • The faulty belief systems that embolden offenders and hurt victims
  • Setting up boundaries safely and assertively
  • Forming an action plan to address discomfort and misconduct
  • Practicing tools and techniques to address a variety of situations
  • Requesting, receiving, and recognizing your role and responsibility

Participant Learning Objectives

Through this workshop participants acquire tools and techniques to address name insults, spreading rumors, false accusations, harassment, pushing, molestation, inappropriate touching, sexual language, physical altercations, threats, and other personal triggers that cause harm.

The Benefit

This workshop is proven to help participants:

  • Recognize early signs of misconduct
  • Understand the impact on mental health
  • Develop personal boundaries and healthy habits
  • Assess and address bullying and bullies responsibly
  • Strengthen mental health and perceived self-worth
  • Address inappropriate and dysfunctional behaviors to stop abuse
  • Gain courage, confidence, and resilience

Master the SELF-Ex™ techniques to address discomfort or misconduct responsibly!

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